Bad news never came alone:

There were 27 dead after the election process in Kisumu. (more than 100 in the whole country). The local police was very agressive and unfair with the local and luo people. I’ve heard a few story about state force penetrating houses killing childrens and raping womens as part of the kikuyu domination. After election result Kisumu people went mad, police establish blockage all around the city center. People burned a lot of tyre and stuff….

Also the election result might have been “computer generated” for the sake of the governmnent in power. 3 week before the election the responsible of the IT security for the electoral commision (IEBC) was shot dead by some unknow people. His finger were cutted to keep the authentification fingerprint theat might have helped to enter and change the IEBC secured data…

A few NGO dealing with Human right were also put under pressure. They tried to expel or shut down their activities dealing with the fairness and the protest about the “computer generated” results….

The “opposition” has filled a request to the suprem court few days ago for the presidential election. In a lot of  constituency they were more votes than people registered. At the country level more than 130 petition were submitted.. The supreme court judgment should arrive around the 28 of august… Wait and see. … I feel like this young with bad rolling bearings in the middle of a big potato field.


bamboo váz 5

file to make smooth angle and cut the frame where there is too much material!

prepare the frame and protect the frame from the second part of the epoxy addition. prepare the natural fiber to thighten th frame.

mix the natural fiber with epoxy. thigten the places where they are some junction on the frame.


put some duck tape around the place where you put naturel fiber. hammer it!


Last but not lest put some inner tube around the duck tape

some result before filling :

some result after first filling




bamboo frame 1

How to make a bamboo frame (workshop with the great company MBOO during a few day in the countryside of Uganda next to kalagi)

Find a good model and JIG – Provided by calfee:

mitering the tubes

prepare all the tube. cut some dropout. make some saw dust.


Check if all the tube are fitting well. use your brain to find the best way to feat the tubes to each other. bend the drop out in a smart way.